In case you’re feeling a little lost, we’ve answered some of the questions you might have.

General Help

1. What does Zero Pricing mean? Why do some of GC’s products have no price?
A lot of our furniture items (especially cubicles and pre-owned furniture) are customizable because we want them to suit your needs. This means their pricing will depend on their configuration, layout, etc. which is why the price will not appear or show up as $0.00 – the actual price will be emailed or phoned to you once we’ve reviewed the specifics.
2. Is there a faster way to get a quote?
Yep, just call us on 831.768.9000 Ext.104 or 831.595.7233 anytime between Mon to Fri 8:30 AM-4:30 PM.
3. What is your 30-day satisfaction guarantee?

Read all about it here! LINK

4. I need help with installation too. Can you help in any way?
Yes, of course. Our team would be happy to install the furniture that you’ve ordered. Call or email us for a quote.

Orders & Payments

1. How long will it take to receive my order?
Most of our special order items have an Estimated Lead Time which should give you a pretty good time frame of when you will receive your order. If it’s not a special order, it will take about a week as long it’s in stock.
2. I like something that’s out of stock. Can you help?
Sure. If an item is out-of-stock, we will need to check with our suppliers to give you an idea about availability and delivery time.
3. Can I change/cancel my order? How?

Yes, you can for 2 days before we get started on the production or if it’s an in-stock item, all it takes is 1 day. If you choose to cancel after that time frame, you will be charged a 20% non-refundable fee. Any cancellation on in-stock items will cost you a 10% cancellation fee with extra credit card charges wherever applicable – this might be between 3-4%.

4. What payment options do I have?

We work with a prepay policy and a range of payment options to keep your payments secure and private. You can pay us using the following:
– Visa or MasterCard (charged as soon as you place the order)
– PayPal
– Bank Checks or Money Orders (products will only be shipped after receiving these and after your check has been cleared)
– Bank Wire Transfer

5. Do I have to pay Sales Tax?
Sales Tax is applicable to Californian residents only.


1. How much does shipping cost?
Shipping cost varies and depends on the product you have ordered and the location where you have it shipped. If you want more information on freight/shipment charges, contact us to get a detailed quote. However, we keep it simple for you and shipping is included on most items.
2. How much will delivery cost?
Just like shipping, delivery charges depend on the location as well. If you want to pick up your order from the Central California warehouse, your delivery charges will be waived. Feel free to contact us for more information.
3. Do you provide Shipping Insurance?
4. How does your Shipping Insurance work?
All our products come with a declared value for Shipping Insurance to protect them against loss/damages. You need to inform us within 24 hours if you receive a damaged package. Once you do that, we will promptly contact the shipping company to contact you with instructions so that they can come by and review or pick the damaged item.
5. Do I get a replacement for damaged goods?
Yes, if your item is covered by shipping insurance and you’ve spoken with our shipping carrier, we will simultaneously work to get you a replacement ASAP. In every case, please let us know about any damaged orders within 24 hours of receipt because beyond that we will not be able to accept those items or offer exchanges.
6. Are there any extra costs?
Oversized or overweight packages might carry some extra cost – feel free to check with us.
7. When does the shipping on my order kick-off?
We ship items within 48-72 hours of the order is verified and the payment is made in full.
8. What shipping options do I have?
We offer these two kinds of shipping options for our products. – Standard Ground: Any small furniture items will be shipped through ground parcel services like UPS and FedEx Ground – Standard Freight: On the other hand, large items go through a Freight Company (1-man  driver). **All standard deliveries are curbside drop-offs.** In both these options, the shippers will not open or dispose off any packaging material for you. They also won’t help you out with any kind of installation or assembly of these items.
9. What if I want a premium service with added benefits like assembly?
Sure, we’ve got you. For an additional cost, we offer a professional 2-person delivery team who will not only move your ordered furniture into your home or office but will even help you with set up and packaging removal. The White Glove delivery service will allow you to arrange a delivery on weekdays between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. White Glove services might take longer to arrive at your doorstep.
10. What happens if I’m not home for the delivery?
If you’re unable to be there at the time of delivery, all undeliverable packages will be stored locally – the expense of which will be borne by you. If there are no local storage facilities available, goods might be shipped back to the supplier. This will also lead to you being charged with return shipping charges, insurance, and restocking fees.


1. Do you believe in sustainability?
Before the world realized the power of going ‘green’, Global Concepts took on the challenge of doing business in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. We’ve always viewed sustainability as a responsibility and not a fad.
2. What practices have you been using to keep green?
We started out by selling pre-owned and refurbished furniture and cubicles which directly translated to saving over 3 million pounds from landfills every year. We also went the extra mile by becoming the first-ever Furniture Dealership to be certified by the Monterey Bay Area Green Business Program. This took a long-term commitment to being green as this certification demands participants to be in compliance with strict regulations and meet program standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste. Our goal to be environmentally friendly starts with our manufacturers. We work with manufacturers who continually strive to meet or exceed the minimum standards for GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification (low chemical emissions). Likewise, Global Concepts also works with suppliers that currently recycle 85% to 95% of all waste products including paper, cardboard, glass, aluminum, and other metals which means our choice to be environmentally conscious flows seamlessly through our corporate culture.